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Proctor Engineering Research & Consulting, Inc., is a knowledge-based corporation authorized by the State of Florida, Board of Professional Engineers, to offer professional engineering services. Primary areas of engineering design services include Mechanical, Civil, Environmental, and Industrial.

Proctor Engineering Consulting Services

Proctor Engineering Research & Consulting, Inc., founded in 1984, by Dr. Charles Proctor, P.E., has established experience in a variety of engineering sub-disciplines. Predominant areas of practice are Crash Investigation and Reconstruction; Human Factors, Occupant Kinematics, Biomechanics and Injury Causation; Component Design and Failure Analysis; Fire and Explosion Cause and Origin; Building Design and Construction, Structural Mechanics, Hazardous Materials Management, Emissions, Air Transport, and Chemistry; and specialized project support using Aerial Photography.

Practical Field Experience

Rapid response to clients' varying needs for site investigation and evidence preservation is well accomplished by Proctor Engineering's technical staff. The dynamic nature of litigation matters is understood and respected. Decades of experience support the practical approach used by the firm.

State-of-the-Art Knowledge

Professional engineering experience in the areas of kinematics and motion, machine design and human factors, classical and statistical thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, combustion, propulsion, environmental policy, and safety is further supported by indept technical knowledge and ongoing inquiry of engineering advances.

Engineering Research Campus

The 5-acre Proctor Engineering research campus offers a 5000 square foot office complex, a 3000 square foot shop with an enclosed warehouse and loading dock, a small arms firing range and a covered inspection area.

Located in Alachua, Florida - only minutes from Gainesville Regional Airport.


Engineering Conference Center

Proctor Engineering's Conference Center is located at the Miami-Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport, Landmark Aviation.
The facility provides two large conference rooms, and an executive lecture style conference room with auditorium seating for 6.

Located in Miami, Florida - at the Miami-Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport.